I Can Fly...

Icanflyweb  "To the world you may just be someone, but to someone you may be the world."


Off to Ponte Vedra tomorrow for a couple of days to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.

I want to share that I have a wonderful husband!  Yes, he told me today that he is very proud of me, that I make his life easier and that he truly needs me. He told me today, as he tells me everyday, that he loves me and what a good partner and friend I am to him.  What a blessing to have people in our lives who love and care for us! 

Have a blessed day!

Journal Page Elements: acrylics, rubber stamps, stencils, black pen, old paper, bird transparency and collage element from Papaya.

"I can never go back to it; but I can fly for a little while."

Daily Journal Prompt:

What one special talent would you like to have?