Generations of Living Things...

Generationsoflivingthingsweb_2 I spent a little time last night browsing a variety of sites.  Have fun!!!

•Go here to view some unusual journals.

A Path No Wider Than a Pencil Stroke is very interesting!

•Some great sketches here.

•You'll love these screen printed cards, flatnotes and prints here!

•Love these hand-sewn notebooks!

•Click on the Gallery here
and then The Dreamer's Diary.

•Most interesting!

•Very nice selection of personalized gifts here.

•Can't read it, but I love the photos!

Very interesting!

•Love these design inspired journals.

•Wow!  What a cool journal here!  I love the brown bag look!

•Oh, my!!! I love this website. How inspiring!  You will love it, too!  What is your message 2 the world? 

Have fun browsing!

Journal Page Inspiration:  The photo at the top of the page is of my husband's grand-mother and husband. I think they look like Bonnie and Clyde.  The quote reads: "The generations of living things pass in a short time, and like runners, hand on the torch of life."

Journal Page Elements: old photo, wallpaper, stencils, collage papers, acrylics, glaze, black and white pens.