T Minus 4 (t)...

40new_2 Yes, I will be turning 40 in four days!  It is an exciting time, but just saying those words is a little scary, too!  I approach this milestone in my life and reflect on who I have become and all that I still want to be.  Allie Ochs said it best...

"Maybe it takes 40 years to grow into an awesome woman. You are about to enter the most amazing time in your life. The past 40 years were all about preparation. Now you are both credible and incredible. 40 is the pivotal power age!"

On that day...

I will wake up smiling and feeling positive!

I will not dwell on the negative!

I will choose to have a great day and have fun!

I will share this day with people I love and care about!

I will look forward to a great year ahead and all the good and challenging things to come!

Life is good and I am so very blessed!