Openjp More time for art is a good thing!  I am off to Gainesville today to spend some time with my friend, Ronnie!  We plan to make stuff and that coupled with good friends, a little laughter and some chocolate is a recipe for a delightful time!!!

Victor Borge said, "Laughter is the closest distance between two people."

Have a blessed day!

Journal Page Details:  This journal page was inspired by Donia Nance's inkjet transparancy transfer technique.* I used an original photo of a door which was taken in Charleston, SC. This was one of my first attempts and the transfer did not turn out too well, but I liked that. Other elements include acrylic paints, various papers, stencil, rubber stamps, gesso, china marker, old photo and black pen. Visit Cobaltika to view some beautiful artwork using photo transfer.

*FYI: slow to load