TV Land...

May21a_3 Well, it finally happend!  Our television of over eighteen years died!  Yes, I believe we were the only ones left in our circle of friends who still owned an old 20 inch standard definition television. We will no longer be on the receiving end of tv jokes.  Our youth group will actually be able to gather together to watch movies or sports and everyone will be able to see the screen!

This has been a running joke in our house for a long time.  We were often asked why we still had such an old television and we would simply reply that it worked and we didn't see the need to replace it until it died.  Don't think I wasn't hoping for that to happen  years back!  We decided last week to buy a new entertainment center and prior to its arrival had to take out the old one which involved unhooking the old television.  When we rehooked it back up, we were only able to get random channels up to channel 20.  Needless to say, we messed with something and now it doesn't work properly. 

Tuesday we bought our first television in over eighten years.  I love it!  But, it is more complicated than the last and we have also graduated to multi-remote  status.   

Our youth group came over tonight and were thrilled to see the new television.  We hope they learned from our example that there is much to be said for being content with what you have and that having patience in things eventually pays off!

Have a blessed day!