Coffee Free...

CoffeeI am a Starbucks junkie and I admit it! I have been coffee free now for 15 days.  The crazy thing about this is that I really don't like regular coffee all that much and I always order mine decaffeinated instead of regular. Why bother, right? And I didn't become a Starbucks junkie all by myself.  I brought friends along with me! Some of them are now junkie, too!

Here is my top list of reasons to give up Starbucks:

1. Money saved...$3.79 a pop for milk, coffee and ice. Ugh!
2. Whiter teeth...always a bonus!
3. No temptation to buy the marble loaf.  Have you ever had the marble loaf?:)
4. An iced latte is not a healthy food group! Therefore, it is not lunch!
5. I don't have to buy so many breath mints!
6. Less cups in the landfill!

So, I am back to lots of tall glasses of cold water!  Yum!

Have a happy and blessed day!