Post El Salvador...

My medical mission trip to El Salvador was my second mission trip.  There is something to be said for experience, as I was much more relaxed and a lot less anxious this time around.  Knowing what to expect makes all the difference.  The group was smaller, which made it possible to get to know everyone on a much more personal level.  I met some great folks from the Nashville area and was happy to spend time with friends I made on my first trip to Panama.

I felt blessed to be a part of the work in El Salvador.  The people were very gracious and kind. I worked, once again, with the Optometrist and even spent a day and a half working with the Dentist.  With chickens and dogs running around and despite the hot, dry heat, dirt and smoke, it was a wonderful experience! 

Throughout the week the doctors saw approximately 1,421 patients, the pharmacy gave out 2,701 prescriptions, the optical team saw 841 patients and gave out 531 pairs of glasses and the dental team extracted 218 teeth.  In addition, 92 Bible studies were held with 188 people, 9 people were baptized and 4 people were restored.  We were even allowed to go into 8 schools where classes were taught to over 294 young people!

El9 I will share my journal entry from day one:

"First evening in Santa Elena...after a quick meeting we go to the church building in Santa Elena.  The area different than where we were in Pananma.  There are mountains in the background and a volcano stands high in view. We had a song service and now we have worship.  It is, of course, in Spanish so I don't understand what is being said.  I'm trying to be positive, but I can already see that this trip will be harder that the last. It is very hot and it looks like we will be setting up the clinic around the small church building in the area outside.  This will make it difficult in the heat of the day.  The bugs are bad, espeically as the sun sets. There is no breeze this evening.  There are wild chickens and dogs all around.  There is one chicken I've knicknamed "Fuzzy Butt."  He is pittiful!  He has few feathers and looks pretty skinny!

The birds are plentiful here.  Their songs are beautiful.  I wish I had time to study them.  There is a small street where the church is located.  There is a small building next to it.  This building has a bright green door and the lower half of the front is painted blue.  I'm not sure what is across the street.  The building is made of concrete block and has razor wire across the top.  The children are having class across from us.  The kids are very happy here!

The ground is muddy and very rocky. Note to self...take the time during this next year to learn some Spanish so I can understand what is being spoken when I return next year!
El5100_1512_2 It is hard to sit still and listen to this speaker when I can't understand, but this isn't for my benefit.  I am thankful for safe travel and pray that the work done this week will be of great benefit to the people in this village.