March Medical Mission...

Sansalvador On Saturday, March 17 I will be flying to El Salvador for my second Medical Mission Trip.  The team will meet at the airport in San Salvador and then travel to the capital of Usulután.  We will then travel the following day to Santa  Elena where we will open the clinic and begin our work.  I am nervous, like I was prior to my first trip, but excited.  The good thing is that I am no longer a rookie and I feel much more prepared!   

El Salvador is a country in Central America, bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and Honduras with a population of approximately 6.9 million people. El Salvador is the most densely populated nation on the American mainland.

This time I plan to take more pictures and bring my journal.  I hope that when I return, I will have lots of stories and pictures to share!

Have a blessed day!