Love Notes from Middle School...

While digging around in the attic to locate our Christmas decorations, I found a box tucked away in the back.  Much to my surprise it contained my old journals, old notes and other things I saved when I was in Middle School.  I spent an evening looking through everything, laughing most of the time at how silly I was back then.  The love notes I saved generated the most laughs.  I can't believe that I saved so many of them!  I selected a few to post here to share.  I hope they make you laugh, too!



The following note was written in pencil so it is hard to read.  Here is the exact translation:

"Dear Robin I am your secret admirer
you may know me will always love you.
Your hair is beiutiful and so are your eyes.
I think that when you look at people it makes
them feel good. When it's raining you make the room shine.
If the school had a beiuty contest I think you
would win by a landslide because you are so pretty.
If you were a buqey of flowers I would buy you  because
you are so pretty. I must go now good by my love xox"


Roben-Marie Smith2 Comments