Winning, Witten & Wisdom...



We were blessed with a day of beautiful weather for the University of Tennessee football game in Knoxville Saturday. My sister, Rhonda, her husband Brent and I headed over to the game early. We had a great time watching the Vol walk, parade and hanging out with other fans.  We led the first half and South Carolina tied it up in the second half. We won in over time with a field goal.  It was a great game!


Final score was Tennessee 27 ~ South Carolina 24!


We met Jason Witten, tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, a former player at University of Tennessee.


I just happened to have a camera with me when I was in the bathroom at the UT library.  Sometimes you never know when you will need it.  Here is the message that was written on the trash dispenser in the stall:

"If women could rely on one another for professional and scientific  progression, beyond domestic duties, our sisterhood and sex would out shine all war, power and male-devised (illegible) that so single handedly prevents world peace and unity.”

Response written in green below original message:

“Wow thanks. Writing that on the tamp dispenser really opened my eyes.  You’re a credit to your sex.”



Heading home on Monday night! 

Have a blessed day!

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