Becoming an Outdoors Woman...

Group_2 Aside from the really scary cabins this past weekend, my friend Lisa and I had a great time at the 45th Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop. We drove to Quincy, FL which is west of Tallahassee on Thursday evening in order to be at the camp early the next morning. As we drove in it was like Camp Crystal Lake all over again and would you believe that Jason was one of our cooks?! After inspecting one of the sleeping cabins, we ran out "screaming" for the stink and the roaches! It was really quite funny! I know we were there to become outdoors women, but we drew the line at sleeping like one! We found a better cabin and that isn't saying much. It was a spooky night and we laughed about how it was like Friday the 13th and ended up not getting much sleep. The next morning we discovered that there was a small cemetery across from the cabin!  How weird is that!?  Needless to say, after the second night we made a quick get-away to a nearby lodge! Then we became outdoor women with benefits!

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop was so much more than we expected! The program is nationwide and each workshop offers a variety of courses. Visit here for the international schedules.

The whole workshop was very organized and the value far exceeded what we paid! The instructors were very encouraging and patient. We learned so much and it was quite a confidence builder!

Lisa and I took Introduction to Handgun Shooting and Hunting, Archery and Bow Hunting, Introduction to Shooting Sports and Introduction to Shotgun Shooting and Hunting. My favorite was clay bird shooting with the shotgun. Archery was a lot of fun also and we even got to climb part of a tree with a self-climbing tree stand. Although I have no intention of doing any hunting, I do hope to try some sport shooting if I can fit it into my schedule! Next time, I would like to try some other classes like The Primitive Chef, Basic Personal Safety Skills and maybe even Basic Wilderness Survival Skills.

Have a blessed day!


Daily Journal Prompt: Would you choose to be the worst player on a winning team or the best player on a losing team?