I'm a Happy Camper...

Okay, I know that no food is "bad" and all is good in moderation.  But, I don't know the meaning of moderation when it comes to eating Peanut Butter.  I'm not sure exactly when it started because as a child I was the odd one out.  I disliked peanut butter until recently in my adult life.  As someone who watches what she eats and puts exercise at the top of her list of things to do...I miss peanut butter!! 

Well, today I am a happy camper, to coin the phrase.  I'm not sure why I did not know this, but there are natural peanut butters, which are made from peanuts and peanuts only.  No added sugar, trans fat, salt, etc.  I didn't even have to go to a health food store to find them! Arrowhead Mills makes a Creamy Valencia Peanut Butter, which is made from Valencia peanuts, which are smaller and sweeter than other peanuts.  I know the fat and calories are about the same as regular peanut butter, but with zero to little sugar and no trans fat, I can indulge every now and then with some peanut butter toast!! 

Speaking of toast, if you haven't tried Ezekiel Bread, you are missing out on not only a healthy bread, but one that tastes great! These breads are made from freshly sprouted live grains and contain no flour.  Hard to believe, but they are delicious!

Have a blessed day!

Roben-Marie Smith1 Comment