Do the Unexpected...

Today has been like most days.  See, I live quite well by the "routines" I have placed in my life!  I am a creature of habit, which includes holding "most" of my thoughts to myself. Today was a little different and I must say, that I felt a little liberated and left that Starbucks with a smile!  There have been many times that I have wanted to say something, but didn't.  I am referring to those times when you see someone with, say, their fly unzipped or maybe spinach in their teeth.  You know what I don't say anything because you don't want them or yourself to be embarrased and on and on...  Today I decided I would change that! 


While waiting for my coffee at Starbucks a middle-aged gentleman walked up to the register dressed in a white t-shirt and Khaki pants.  His pants were unzipped and although I was not checking him out, I could not help but notice this as his underwear were a dark color.  Okay, here me out now!  The thought crossed my mind to tell him, and of course I just could not.  I thought about what I might say, and even how he might react.  I decided to do the "unexpected" for me and tell him.  I wandered over after I got my coffee, took a deep breath and said..."I would want someone to tell me, but your pants are unzipped.  I realize that I don't know you and this is embarrassing for both of us, afterall I am a woman and you are a man, but I thought you might like to know."  He laughed.  He zipped up his pants and then he threw up his arms and yelled that he was on medication!

Try doing or saying something today that is "unexpected" for you, but be kind!

Have a blessed day!

Roben-Marie Smith3 Comments