The Nation's Oldest City...

When I lived in North Carolina a never did visit The Biltmore Mansion and when I lived in Orlando I seldom went to Disney World.  It is funny how when you live somewhere it is easy to have the mind-set that "one day I'll go" and then you either move or just never take the time.  Yesterday I spent the day visiting The Nation's Oldest City, or at least St. Augustine, Florida claims this title.  St. Augustine reminds me of Charleston, South Carolina, where I grew up and a little like Savannah, Georgia, too. 


My friend, Renee was up from Miami with her family and we decided to spend some time shopping and taking pictures. The biggest treasures, of course, were the ones we caught behind the camera lens.


We especially love all the old buildings.  On one corner we found an old pottery studio.  The building most certainly needed to be condemned.  The building itself looked like it was made of aluminum and the front door was wood along with the window's frame.  The whole building was leaning toward the road and the trees at the edge of the street had sprouted up around it, surrounding it with limbs and roots.  The trees really had "grown into and around" the small building. I thought for sure that this building must be on the city's Ghost Tours route!  I'll bet it is very spooky at night!

It was a beautiful day, although it is still pretty hot and humid here in Florida.  We are in peak hurricane season, so any day without a storm looming is a good one this time of year.






Another place we visited was the Huguenot Cemetery.  It is supposed to be haunted, along with a lot of other places in St. Augustine. Makes for good stories by the fire on cold winter nights!

Take the time some weekend this fall and visit a landmark or destination of some kind near you!

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