A Yummy Souffle!

Mekelly I found a souffle that is so very yummy, but it won't go to your waist line!  My friend, Kelly Kimer and I spent a little time together at Art Unraveled and she shared with me, once again, one of the coolest new art supplies:  Sakura Souffle 3-D Gel Pens! These incredible gel ink pens write, then dry to a 3-dimensional, opaque, matte pastel colour line! It is useable on light or dark materials.  The delicate, fluffy line requires only a few minutes to dry, but the results are very eye-catching!  These are a must have for art journaling!


My friend, Ronnie took several classes at Art Unraveled and in keeping with her every-developing talent for creating stunning jewelry, made several pieces last week. 

She made a bracelet in Sharilyn Miller's  Beaded Bangles class.


She also took a class with Susan Lenart Kazmer called Stick in In Your Ear.  She made two beautiful pair of metal earrings.


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