The Line Ends There...

Sometimes things happen in life that make you laugh and truly believe that saying, "what goes around comes around" does indeed have some truth to it!

Background:  Ronnie and I flew Southwest Airlines to Phoenix and there is an open seating policy on Southwest.  Basically this means that you get your boarding pass with an A, B or C boarding order and then you just pick your seat once on the plane. 

Story:  Ronnie and I arrive at the Phoenix airport and head to the gate.  We notice, as there usually is, a long line for the "A" folks.  The line is a bit staggered and it is hard to tell where people are waiting or if they are just hanging out!  We head to what we think is the end of the line to be told very quickly by "Line Police Man" that the line ends..."back there!"  We move to the end and watch over the next thirty minutes as LPM makes sure he keeps everyone who comes up at bay and lets everyone know exactly where the line ends. 

Here is where the good part comes...Ronnie and I were two people behind LPM in line.  As we proceed to the gate LPM hands the gate agent his boarding pass and heads down the hallway to the plane.  An alarm sounds and the gate agent calls to LPM.  LPM comes back up and is told none other than "Sir, you are in the WRONG line.  This flight is going to Orlando and you are booked on the flight to Baltimore!"   Seems LPM spent all his energy to guarantee his cushy spot to Orlando to find himself at the end of the line for Baltimore. 

Needless to say, those of us around him could not help but chuckle.  The girl in line behind him was surly relieved that he would no longer have the opportunity to hit on her again!  Another funny to the story...LPM was wearing a shirt that read, Baltimore Fire and Rescue.  MMMM?

More later on Art Unraveled!

Roben-Marie SmithComment