Art Unraveled in Phoenix

Dscf0866_15 Once again, I find myself in Phoenix enjoying a week of teaching at Art Unraveled.  Ronnie and I flew in on Monday and  quickly settled in after  hitting Whole Foods for those "specialty" items, the grocery store for  sustenance and soft toilet paper and, of course, Starbucks!

I will be teaching three evening classes and one full day class on Saturday. I've kept my days free to relax, socialize and enjoy a little downtime.  So far so good!  The weather is pleasant.  It is hot, but not as hot as last year!  Last night's class went well. Tonight is my biggest class with 22 students.  It is great to see familiar faces and catch up with old friends at these events! 

I hope to actually make some art while I am here as well.  I did sign up for an evening class Friday night. Should be fun!

More later on things in Phoenix!  Have a blessed day!

Think about this...

When you are compelled to ask yourself, "why me?" in times of trouble or despair, realize that you could easily ask  yourself the same question in times of peace, joy and comfort!