Cheap Sunglasses

Moresunglasses2 Some time ago I decided that I would no longer pay more that a few dollars for a pair of sunglasses.  You see, I don't keep a new pair of sunglasses for very long.  I break them and scratch them up so easily that it became necessary to spend as little as possible on them.  I have developed quite a dependency on them and wear them just about everywhere.  Now, I don't walk around indoors with them on, but I do wear them on cloudy days as well as sunny ones.  I discovered that The Dollar Tree carries $1 sunglasses.  They aren't very well made, but they are cute and they last me about as long as the more expensive ones.  I took a trip to the TREE today to "load up" on some.  I leave for camp on Saturday and I need a few extra pairs to "get me through" the week!  As I was leaving, I asked the sales clerk to throw away my old ones.  The right lense frame was cracked and the lense kept falling out.  It was time for them to go!  I was getting tired of sticking the lense back in and hoping for the best!

Have a great week!  More when I return from camp!