I Love Flip Flops!

Flip_flops Can I just tell you how much I love a good pair of flip flops?  When I moved to Florida many years ago I did not own one pair, nor would I wear them.  I always thought of flip flops as something you wear in the shower when you are at camp!  Well, my how things have changed.  I write this today because I ventured out to shop for "camp" stuff since I will be going to summer camp this weekend. Each summer camp gives me a good excuse to buy more flip flops!  There are so many awesome colors and styles!  It is almost like shopping for art supplies!  Okay, well maybe not that exciting!  Anyway, I bought another pair to add to my collection today.  Collecting flip flops is really inexpensive.  Afterall, one can buy a "cool" pair of flip flops for as little as $5!  What a bargain! 

Happy Independence Day!