Today I Choose...

Flowers Do you every wake up in the morning and begin your day on what you "think" is the right foot only to find that with each passing hour you can't believe you are actually awake and not in a dream? 

  • You open the freezer door to get ice and the ice maker has over-produced and the ice falls onto the floor and crashes into a zillion pieces.
  • You are on hold and cut off and back on hold with customer service and after thirty minutes your issue is not resolved.
  • You reach for your favorite (Fill in the Blank) and you realize that the box is empty.  Who put that back in the cabinet anyway?
  • Your milk has expired.
  • The power goes out and, yup!  That file is lost!
  • You replace your printer's toner cartridge and the black ink dumps onto your desk into a huge mess.
  • You bend down to pick up that piece of paper and you just can't get your hands on it!  How many times can I pretend that I have coordination?
  • You realize you bought a medium head toothbrush instead of a soft and it is killing your gums!
  • That earring back you dropped on the bathroom floor will never be seen again!
  • You go out for a run after a long day and it begins to rain.

On some days it really is one thing after another.  I often visualize a day like this as if I am watching a movie.  The character has to be in a movie because a day with a never-ending string of quirky, weird, and frustrating occurrences has to be!

Did I mention that I saw a bra wrapped around the mid-section of a large Oak tree yesterday?

YESTERDAY was a day like this! 

Today I am reminded of the following:

"We can choose to see life as a series of trials and tribulations, or we can choose to see life as an accumulation of treasures.  The choice is ours."

TODAY I choose to see the good in all things!

Have a blessed day!