Sleep is Not My Friend

Again!  I am up early and not able to go back to sleep!  I would think after six days of this I would have finally gotten past it!  I woke up this morning at 4:24AM and after attempting to go back to sleep decided I might as well just get up and get going.  I just heard the sprinklers start running, my stomach is now growling and my favorite news program doesn't come on until 6:00AM.  This is a good time to catch up on finishing replying to all of those e-mails that are "Saved as Draft!"  Perhaps this will give me a good excuse to take  a quick nap later in the day!  Naw!

Today's Priorities:

Finish journal entries that are filling my head...maybe that is why I can't sleep!
Ship orders
Update rubber stamp catalog
Rent car for Art Unraveled
Mom's birthday gift

Have a blessed day!