Heartful Art Gallery

When I was on vacation in California last year I visited Sausalito where I discovered this quaint little art gallery.  I was reminded of the gallery today when I found the business card while I was cleaning out my art room.  I meant to share this sooner, but had forgotten about it until today.


The gallery was set off the main street and the outside reminded me of a garden gift shop.  I ventured in and discovered that it housed a collection of beatiful art in bright colors and in various themes.  Mostly though, the artist Raphaella works in the  theme of hearts.  I spent as much time shopping as my husband had patience!  I bought a few matted prints and a few inspirational magnets to share with friends. Raphaella was in the shop and I got to meet her and chat with her  a bit.  She believes in "assisting people everywhere to empower themselves and others."  Indeed she does!

Raphaella's shop is called Heartful Art Gallery and is worth the trip if you are in the area.  It is located on Princess Street.  Visit her web site to view her gallery and lovely art!

Roben-Marie SmithComment