Day Two and Three in Miami...


  • Two awesome massages!
  • Time spent in the "meditation room" at The Standard
  • Lounging by the pool at night with the perfect breeze and city lights across the bay!
  • More Miss Saigon Bistro with our friend, Renee and laughing like we haven't laughed since we were kids!  Did our Interpol friend put something in the water?
  • Finding the coolest bandannas in the Dollar Store and making the store owner hold the store open for us as we had to have one of every color!
  • Shopping...did you know Bloomingdales sells a brand of pantyhose called Spanx?"  Could someone please explain this to me!
  • Time spent in the sauna, which was about ten whole minutes since our lips were about to burn off and the yoga guy's towel wasn't covering his bum very well!  LOL!
  • Steel cut oatmeal for breakfast at these weird tables that were so short we could barely get my legs under them!
  • Lounging on these really cool "beds" poolside at The Delano Hotel in South Beach, drinking green tea and watching out for famous people...was that Puff Daddy?


Roben-Marie Smith2 Comments