Spa Weekend in Miami...

Simplify_1 My sister and I have never taken a trip together, so we decided it was time and are heading to Miami today for the weekend!

We are staying at The Standard Miami near South Beach.  We got a terrific deal through Travel Zoo!

I was thinking about this weekend and how nice it will be to relax, which I find a difficult thing to do.  I was at Barnes & Noble this week and bought a new book 1001 Ways to Relax: An Illustrated Guide to Reducing Stress.  I like this entry:

"Try Something New: at least once a month - whether it's reading a classic children's book, joining a tango class, or riding pillion on a motorbike. Exposing yourself to unfamiliar experiences stretches your mental and physical horizons, acclimating you to change and loosening the grip of routine."

So, I challenge you for the month of November to try something new!

Roben-Marie Smith1 Comment