Baby Got Bike...

Bikewheel I've been waiting to post about my latest fitness endeavor, because I wanted to make sure it was something I was going to like, therefore want to talk about. 

I have been spinning for years and decided that I wanted to try actually riding on the road.  I went on my first ride on Saturday with a veteran group that rides every Saturday about 26 miles.  I thought I had all of my bases covered; road bike, helmet, ugly bike shorts, etc.  Well, I had a flat tire on my first ride.  Yup!!  We stopped and members of the group proceeded to ask if I had a spare tire.  First thought that ran through my head, "Yeah, I have it slung on my back!  What?"  Anyway, what I did not know was that you should carry a small pack with an extra tube, tools, patch kit and small air pump.  Needless to say, I have been to the bike shop and now have all the things I need, or do I?  I will probably never get another flat tire now that I am prepared.

Once the flat was fixed, the rest of the ride was a dream.  Now, don't get me wrong, I loved it, but it was a good work-out!  The weather in Florida is perfect for being outside and I love the challenge of pushing myself beyond my usual work-out!

I am riding in a Bike-a-Thon on Saturday to raise money for the camp at which I volunteer in the summer.  It will be a good opportunity for me to ride with a larger group!  Maybe one day I will even enter a race!

Have a blessed day!

Roben-Marie SmithComment