A Good Day!

Peacetp_2Good Morning!  Today is Labor Day and I hope you are having a good day so far.  I returned from teaching at Art Unraveled last week and have been catching up ever since.  I leave next week for Atlanta for Altered Jubilee and then come home and fly right out to Virginia for Art & Soul East.  What a crazy time! 

Art Unraveled was a blast this year!  I am sure I feel this way because it was my second year and I knew what to expect, but the atmosphere at this event is fun, encouraging and friendly!  I want to thank my students for supporting me and for being so much fun to be around!  I truly appreciate all of you! 

If you have never attended Art Unraveled I highly encourage you to consider it for next year.  I know it is in Phoenix and it is very hot there in August, but the city is very nice and there is plenty of shopping and dining right near by.   I will say that the heat really got to me this year!  One day it topped 115 degrees.  I know, I know...it is a "dry" heat.  Dry heat or not, it was like being in an oven.  I wear contact lenses and each day was a struggle since it felt like all the moisture had been sucked out of my eyes!  When we arrived in Orlando and were leaving the airplane I was so happy to feel the "humid/moist" air hit me!  My eyes felt better and I could breath.  I am sure it is whatever you are used to.  Many folks tell me that they aren't sure how I can live in a place like Florida where it is so humid!

Okay, I want to share something with you today.  In light of the tragedy going on in the lives of so many in our country, we all have so much to be thankful for.  I have this near my computer where I can see it each day.  I don't always focus on it daily, but I try to do so often.  I hope you will benefit from it.

Rules For Making Every Day a Great Day...

  1. Pray
  2. Think that good things will happen.
  3. Express gratitude to a loved one.
  4. Put your gripes away in a box.
  5. Be patient with an annoying person.
  6. Do something special for someone else.
  7. Do something special for yourself.
  8. Reach out to someone who needs comfort.
  9. Focus deeply on each moment.
  10. Learn from a mistake.
  11. Smile
  12. Pray

Make the most of your day!

Roben-Marie Smith2 Comments