Has it Been Twenty Years Already?

I attended my 20 Year High School Reunion last Saturday in Charleston, SC.  It was a blast, even if the 80's music was a bit cheesy.  Sorry to anyone who had the misfortune of being in high school and college during the whole 80's decade.  It would have been nice to at least have experienced those impressionable days under the influence of at least two different decades!  I remember when M-TV hit the air.  A friend of mine called me and told me to turn on the TV and there was Mick Jaggar singing "Going to a GO GO" and Stevie Nicks dancing around in a white dress made of gauze!  I was enthralled!  Needless to say, my parents banned us from watching such trash!  I digress!

The reunion was a lot of fun!  No, there was no one there with big hair or bright blue eye shadow, but we were all a little older.  I always used to think that the day would come when I would be the age my parents were when I graduated and would I feel as old as I thought they were at the time.  Most of us in that room were pushing 40 and it felt like we were still in high school.  I don't mean that in a childish, "do you like me, check yes of no" kind of way.  I guess it just felt the same in a weird as if twenty years really had not just flown by.  We had more wrinkles, less hair and a more mature look, but overall most of us looked about the same and it felt like little time had passed.  It was a pleasure to spend time with "kids" I have known since 5th grade.  Mark, I still owe you that dollar!