California the Beautiful!

TreeIt has taken me a while to post this, but better late than never.  My husband and I vacationed in California last month and found it quite beautiful!  We flew into San Francisco and spent a few days there.  We managed to cover a better part of the city including the San Francisco Zoo, Golden Gate Park, the Wharf and Alcatraz!

After a few days in San Francisco, we headed for Yosemeti.  I am afraid of heights so I found it difficult to make the drive into the valley.  It was awesome to see such beauty in nature!   My favorite time was riding bikes along a twelve mile bike trail through the valley around sun down!

After spending a couple of days in Yosemeti, we drove through Nappa Valley and over to the coast.  We spent a day in Muier Woods, which is home to the Redwood Trees.  This had to be one of my favorite places on the whole trip!  It smelled like evergreen and was lush and just beautiful!  The drive along the ocean was breathtaking!  It was so hard to believe that just a few miles away were the mountains! 

We spent the last day sightseeing and shopping in Sausalito.  This is a quaint little town on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is worth the trip!

This part of California is just gorgeous and I hope to one day make it back for a visit!

Roben-Marie SmithComment