Collaborative Art for Relief "Color of Hope"

AuctionThere is strength in numbers.  A group of noted mixed-media artists* came together to create a unique collaborative work of art, based on the theme of "Hands On" and all of the proceeds of the sale of this work will go directly to The American Red Cross for hurricane relief. 

This one-of-a-kind wall hanging includes elements of paint, fibers, metal, found objects, fabric, paper, and more.  Most of all, it was made with heart.  Each artist explored the concept of compassionate hands, expressing her vision in a wide variety of materials and approaches. Most of all, the artists worked together to affirm their belief that "Art Saves Lives" and that creativity has the power to heal and uplift.

The work in the studio is done, and now the artists seek the visionary buyer/collector who will savor the opportunity to own this singular work of art, plus contribute to an excellent cause at the same time.

*Participating Artists:

Nina Bagley
Keely Barham
Caryn Crimmel
Shirley Ende-Saxe
Sarah Fishburn
Lisa Hoffman
Marylinn Kelly
Karen Michel
Teesha Moore
Lynne Perrella
Lisa Renner
Judi Riesch
Monica Riffe
Michelle Ward 

Visit Color of Hope Auction for all the details and to bid on this beautiful piece of artwork!

Title:  Color of Hope
Size:  Approximately 18" x 40"

Roben-Marie SmithComment