Artists Creating With Photos

Artists Creating With Photos is scheduled to be in the warehouse in late January or early February. I am very excited about this book project. The work of several well-known artists are included. You're going to love it! I will begin taking pre-orders soon, so watch for details. If you are on my mailing list, I will send an e-mail to you with all the details! Here is more information on the book:

ARTISTS CREATING WITH PHOTOS: Featuring nine well-known artists' personal biographies, photos and photo related art projects including: journals, cards, boxes, blocks, scrapbook layouts, clipboards, frames and assemblages by Jill Haglund, Claudine Hellmuth, Lesley Riley, Roben-Marie Smith, Kim Henkel, Dawne Renee Pitts, Patti Muma, Helga Strauss and Amy Wellenstein.

Roben-Marie Smith2 Comments