On-Line Mixed Media Workshops with Roben-Marie Smith

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All of my workshops are on a private site and have open enrollment so you can take them whenever you want and watch the videos and work at your own pace.

Videos are not available for download.

The tuition is non-refundable once access has been given to registrants.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions!!! :)

Please note: Once payment has been received and processed you will have instant access to your workshops!!



 IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are using Windows 8 there is a known compatibility issue with Vimeo and Windows 8.  It is being worked on by Vimeo.  Please do not sign-up for workshops if you only have access to a computer running Windows 8.  Until this issue is resolved by Vimeo you many not be able to view the videos.  Thanks!