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Roben-Marie Smith

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For Me @ Twenty-One...


If you could tell yourself something at twenty-one what would it be? What advice would you give? What knowledge would you share?  I was asked to do just that for an on-going project.  Be sure to check out A Journey in Hindsight: At Twenty-One for more details.

I also want to thank everyone who joined me at 21 Secrets Live last night while I created this page. It was fun and I appreciate your questions and kind words!

Have a  blessed day!



 Golden Raw Umber Fluid Acrylic Paint
Golden Titanium White Heavy Body Acrylic Paint
Golden Titanium White Fluid Acrylic
Martha Stewart craft paint - Marmalade
Amsterdam Acrylic paint - Sky Blue Light
Amsterdam Acrylic paint - Olive Green Light
Golden Fluorescent Pink Acrylic Paint
Kabnet Wax Deli Paper
Newsprint Paper
Aha Arts Clear Stamps - Geometric Borders
GelliArts Plate and Brayer
Journal Impressions Rubber Art Stamps
India Ink Black Dye Pad
Signo Uni-ball Pen - White
UHU Glue Stick
Palette Knife
Masking Tape - 1/4”
Assorted Papers
Vellum Stickers - Basic Grey
Washi Tape
Art Pops™ Cards - Lo’s Serendipity
Art Pops™ Sticker Tape
Art Pops™ Sticker Shapes
TRESemme Hair Spray
Bic Wite-Out Shake ’n Squeeze Pen
Assorted Watercolor Pencils
ShinHan Premium Artist Watercolors
Fude Ball 1.5 Black Pen
Graphgear 1000 Pentel Pencil
Caran d’Ache water-soluble wax pastels
Stabilo All Pencil - Black
Bob Ross R6340 Wildlife Eye Paint Brush - My favorite
Dylusions Creative Journal

 This post contains affiliate links.


The Documented Life Project - 8/22 (Week Thirteen)...

The Documented Life Project

March 22 - Challenge (Week Thirteen) -  Ask someone else to draw on your page - finish it!

Visit the Art to the 5th blog for more inspiration.


I took a different twist on this challenge.  Instead of having someone actually draw in my planner, I took a doodle drawing sent to me by Susan DaSilva Gallitto and added it to my planner page.  I added some of my Art Pops™ Stickers, acrylic paint, pencil marks and a photo to finish off my page.



You can find us HERE:


Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs
Lorraine Bell
Rae Missigman
Sandi Keene
Barbara Moore


Snap & Share Workshop Now Open for Registration...

Snap & Share Workshop

From Phone or Camera to Project - this video-based class gets those lovely photos off your camera roll and onto FOUR artsy mixed media photo projects perfect for display or gifting.  I will share with you the process I use to prepare my photos to send off to my local printer or print at home and/or my favorite online sources.

Step-by-step video tutorials take you through the process of creating these four artful projects. Follow along in my style or in your own - your choice. These projects are especially designed for any skill level. Beginners will be comfortable while advanced students can take off and make these as detailed as they desire. This class is for everyone, yes, YOU!

As we all love a good sale, for a limited time, this workshop will be offered at a special price of $24 (regular price $27)!  Sale ends Sunday, March 23 at 8:00AM EST.

For details on how to register for my workshops see details HERE!



Q: Will you show me how to use my camera, give me recommendations for the perfect camera or teach HOW to take photos?

A: No, this workshop does not cover a review of cameras or how to shoot your photos. 

This workshop is about getting those photos off of your camera or cell phone and into a format that can be used to create artsy projects.  I show you how "I" do it and then we create the projects using the photos.  Lots of techniques thrown in and ideas that can be used with or without photos.


Q: Will you show me how to use photo editing software other than Photoshop?

A: No, I am going to show how I prepare my photos for printing using Photoshop on a Mac.  Once you see the basics, they can be adapted to any photo editing software.  I am sorry I can't offer assistance with other software or computers.




The Documented Life Project - 3/15 (Week Twelve)...

The Documented Life Project

March 15 - Challenge (Week Twelve) -  Cut up a magazine - add!

Visit the Art to the 5th blog for more inspiration.

I decided to use an Anthropologie catalog for my take on the challenge.

I cut out circles from the catalog and glued them randomly on the page. I finished my page with acrylic paint, colored pencils and crayons, black pen and lead pencil.


You can find us HERE:


Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs
Lorraine Bell
Rae Missigman
Sandi Keene
Barbara Moore


Art to the 5th New Digi Art Kit...

As a member of Art to the 5th, I am excited to announce the release of our first digital/printable art kit.

Check out the details HERE!

Have a  blessed day!



Mail Art Love...

Happy Monday!!

This past weekend I decided to create some colorful mail art.  For these pieces, I used prints made with my GelliArts Gel Printing Plate and then added printable digital elements from Art Bits Number 2 Digital Elements Pack, Art Pops™ Cards, washi tape and stitching to finish them off.

Have a  blessed day!



Altered File Folder Video Tutorial...


December Daily Peek {22-23}...


December Daily Peek {4-6}...


Stamped Fabric Pouch Tutorial...


Today we have a guest blog post from my uber talented friend, Rae Missigman.  She worked her magic with my Mixed Media Essentials #1 rubber art stamp set and I asked her to create a tutorial to share. I hope you enjoy it! 


This sweet little pouch is up for auction* as well.  It measures approximately 5 1/2" x 6" in size.

How does it work?

•Starting bid is $25 which includes shipping within the US - this auction is open to US bidders only.

•Place your bid in a comment on this post. Please note that I moderate comments so they appear only after I approve them.

•You must include an e-mail address to have your bid qualify.

•Bidding closes at 7:00PM EST on Friday, November 15.

•If you have the winning bid, I will contact you via e-mail to make arrangements for payment.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a  blessed day!


From Rae:

"Stamping and painting on fabric is something I have been doing for a long time- longer than I would like to admit! I think the first time I ever put paint brush to fabric was in the 80's. My father was big into photography and took me to shows all the time, often pointing out how some images were painted on fabric.As a young mother with a camera I was intrigued by this art form. By then I had managed to amass dozens of fabric covered photo albums (you know the ones- lace trim and all, uh-huh, yep, those are the ones).

I started out doodling with paint one day and a light went off. The next thing I knew I was painting each and every one of them with bright and colorful patterns and designs. Well, the albums are long gone, the photos safely archived, but the idea of painting on fabric has long remained. I am not sure if there is anything I haven't tried to paint, but fabric, textiles, are my true love, what I turn to most often when I want to paint something unique, different."

2 -  6" squares of heavy duty canvas
2 -  6" squares of material to line your bag
Fabric for cutting shapes for stitching onto pouch
Fabric for creating seam binding at top of pouch
1 -  7" zipper
Assorted paints ( I use Golden Acrylics and regular Acrylic Craft Paints)
Paint Brushes
Sewing Machine
Mixed Media Essentials #1 Stamp Set by Roben-Marie Smith
Staz On Ink Pad
Acrylic Block
Iron On Fusible Webbing

White and Black Paint Pens
Embellishment for front of Pouch
Zipper Pull
Assorted Baubles & Beads
Pretty Ribbon Scraps
Permanent Marker

STEP ONE - For pouches, I like to use heavy duty canvas or duck cloth so that it keeps it shape and the paint doesn't bleed through. Cut two 6" squares and stitch once around entire square, close to edge, to keep from fraying. Paint a background layer on your squares. This can be as simple or intricate as you like. I used the Gelli Plate to get a marbled looking background on mine. Let dry completely.

STEP TWO - Choose your first stamp and position on fabric. Press down firmly and hold for the count of five. Lift carefully. If your table surface allows, it may help to tape your fabric down using masking tape. Repeat as desired on second square, turning your work so that both squares coordinate but are not identical.

STEP THREE - Choose a second stamp and once again, position and stamp, pressing firmly and holding for the count of five. Do this for both squares of fabric.

STEP FOUR - Keep adding stamps until you are happy with how your fabric looks, making sure to press and hold each stamp to ensure good adhesion.

STEP FIVE - Begin filling in your stamps with paint, making sure to let each section dry before moving on. Do this for both squares.

STEP SIX - Once you have filled in all your stamps, begin adding color to your fabric squares, as if it were your art journal. Use paint to draw colorful shapes and fill in. Add pops of white and black using a paint pen. Add some journaling with a permanent marker. Be careful not to make your layers too thick. This will cause your paint to crack later on.

STEP SEVEN - Using paint, add details to your stamp work.

STEP EIGHT - Cut shapes from your fabric. I like to work with odd numbers, so I chose three for each fabric square.

STEP NINE - Position shapes on your squares and pin in place.

STEP TEN - Stitch shapes in place. I like to add extra stitching to make the shape really pop.

STEP ELEVEN - Stitch an embellishment to one of your squares.

STEP TWELVE - Following manufacturers instructions, Iron the 6" pieces of fabric to line your bag to each square making sure to iron wrong sides together.

STEP THIRTEEN - Choose your fabric for your seam binding. Cut two pieces. each 6" x 1" . Iron each strip in half and then in half again. Pin to top edge of each square and stitch.

STEP FOURTEEN - Attach zipper to squares using a method you are comfortable with. Here is a link for an easy tutorial: INSTALLING A BASIC ZIPPER. With right sides of squares aligned and facing one another and zipper open, stitch up the remaining three sides leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Clip corners for easy turning. Turn right side out and push out corners if needed. Add a zipper toggle if desired using pretty beads, pins, ribbons and baubles.


*Rae will donate a portion of the proceeds to a local charity she has been involved with for a Florida girl who was recently paralyzed from the neck down with no hope of recovery. She is 24 years old and was a world class irish dancer.


Art Pops™ Inspirations...


Rae Missigman mixed fabric with Art Pops™ cards to create this beautiful sketchbook!

I love Magda Bolinska/mumkaa's Project Life style.

Kristin Peterson cleverly took an Art Pops™ card, added to it and create a painting.  Check out some peeks on her blog HERE!


Art Pops™ are in the House!!!!

ART POPS™: the mixed media art pieces inspired by the whimsical, saturated pages of Roben-Marie's art journals. ART POPS™ provide bold and fanciful POPS of COLOR for your favorite projects including Project Life, Mail Art, Art Journaling and much more. Rock your world with ART POPS™!

Each set includes four cards that fit 4x6 and four cards that fit 3x4 so they are perfect for the Project Life pockets.  They are 14pt cardstock, uncoated, feature rounded corners and are printed in color on one side and blank on the other.

Be sure to keep checking back for more samples and video tutorials over the next couple of weeks!

Grab your Art Pops™ HERE! and check out the Sample Gallery HERE!

Have a  blessed day!


Grab your Art Pops™ HERE!













Roben-Marie Smith


Colette Copeland

Sandi Keene

Magda Bolinska/mumkaa


Colette Copeland 

Sandi Keene


Colette Copeland

Sandi Keene



CLOSED Leave a comment with your e-mail address on this post by Sunday, November 3 at 10PM EST to be entered into a random drawing for this painting.  It is a 5"x5" original collaged mixed media piece on an artist panel with a 3/8" profile.

How would you use my Art Pops™ in your creative adventures?


Friday Fill-Ins & an Art Pops™ Peek... we go!

1. In November, I most look forward to visiting my family at Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite holidays.

2. My nephew scored his first touchdown yesterday and I am excited for him!

3. It's right there, in the pile.

4. Having the house alarm set at night gives me some peace of mind.

5. Water is one of the most amazing things in nature, at least as far as I'm concerned.

6. Pop is what my grandmother used to call any kind of soft drink!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to bag party with Sandi to package all these Art Pops™, tomorrow my plans include releasing my new product line called Art Pops™ and Sunday, I want to workship with my church family!



Today is the last day I will tease you!  My new Art Pops™ will be available tomorrow.  Check back tomorrow for all the details!


I Made These For You...

I Made These For You!

ART POPS™ by Roben-Marie Smith Coming November 2!

Check back tomorrow for another peek at the POPS!


Yes! They Do Fit in a...

...Christmas Stocking!

ART POPS™ by Roben-Marie Smith Coming November 2!

Check back tomorrow for another peek at the POPS!