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The Documented Life Project - 11/29 (Week 49)...

The Documented Life Project

November 29, 2014 - Week 49 Challenge:  Trace a hand on your page.

Visit the Art to the 5th blog for more inspiration.  

I found tracing or drawing a hand most challenging so I dediced to draw something more abstract and quirky.


You can find us HERE: The Art to the 5th Academy and Flickr - Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs: Lorraine Bell, Rae Missigman, Sandi Keene and Barbara Moore


The Documented Life Project - 11/8 (Week 46)...

The Documented Life Project

November 8, 2014 - Week 46 Challenge:  Incorporate Fabric onto your page.

Visit the Art to the 5th blog for more inspiration.  

I stitched a pocket out of fabric onto an inky piece of card stock and then added into my book.



You can find us HERE: The Art to the 5th Academy and Flickr - Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs: Lorraine Bell, Rae Missigman, Sandi Keene and Barbara Moore


Journal Bound Workshop is Live...

Showcase your gathered mail art stash within two uniquely styled and bound journals. Get those mailed treasures out of your bins and into an artful display - journal style.

Together we will travel a step by step approach to creating a colorful grungy cover in my signature messy style. Then we will bind our art-filled journals using a simple and creative system that once quickly learned can be used repeatedly to create handmade art journals from here forward.

Don’t have a mail art collection? I will demonstrate an alternative using found papers. Beginners are welcome and encouraged in this workshop as each process is fully demonstrated to accommodate all skill levels. I even include downloads of my designs for your use.

So many possibilities, so much creativity. Pack your bags, we are Journal Bound!

See more details, including photos and the supplies list HERE!




For details on how to register for my on-line workshops see details HERE!


Thanks to the following amazing ladies for the beautiful mail art that I have received and saved for such a time as this!!!  Sandi Keene, Sophie DeCorte, Samantha Kira Harding, Lynn Scott, Renee Plains, Susan Gallitto, Rae Missigman, Kristin Peterson, Jane Bain and Coral Lee.

NOTE: The mail art pieces used in this class are not created in the class. They are part of my stash and used along with other bits and pieces.



Art Journals in Review - 2012


Art Journaling Fun...

My friend Kira has been visiting this week and it has been so nice to relax with our art supplies and just play!  I have been working on a few things but I finished this art journal page today.  I took pictures as I worked so you can see the process. I used gesso, oil pastels, spray inks, stencils, acrylic paints, washi tape, masking tape, pencils and pens, scrap papers, rubber stamps, staples and a cute little Instagram photo.

Have a  blessed day!



Blog Rewind - For Janet...

Originally posted October 14, 2007

I confess that I am a person of order and structure. I have always thought that I would have thrived in the military with its rules, expectations and order. I try to break from the comfort of this at times and do unexpected things and be adventurous, but at times I find that I am easily frustrated when things break from the norm or do not go as planned. I stopped to really consider this after I heard a quote this weekend while watching College Game Day on ESPN. I didn't catch the guy's name, but the commentators were talking about all the upsets so far this year in college football. The guy said, "If everything always went as planned, we'd all die of boredom."  Well said!


This page was inspired by a quote that I read recently:  "Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others." ~Unknown

Journal Page Elements:  Acrylics, stencils, glaze, black pen, spray paint, wallpaper, rub-ons, rubber stamps and collage element from Teesha Moore.

Have a  blessed day!



More Journal Love...

"Be a collector of good ideas, but don't trust your memory. The best collecting place for all of the ideas and information that comes your way is your journal." ~Jim Rohn


Quick Journal...

Book1 I decided to make a journal to take with me to El Salvador next week.  I pulled together a bunch of scrap papers and used my coil binder to secure the book together. I might take it apart later and add the pages to a larger journal.  I thought this format would lend itself well to that possibility.





Book6_1 Book7_1

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