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Roben-Marie Smith

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Digi IPad Art Journaling...

I created this digi page in ArtRage on the IPad. I imported the text/words and added lots of layers to blend it all together. I use the Sensu Brush and love it!

I created a video tutorial on importing images into ArtRage you can view HERE.


ArtRage - Importing Images

Happy weekend!!

I have been receiving e-mails about how to add images into ArtRage using the IPad so I decided to make a quick video showing the two methods I have discovered. I will create one soon on importing images using ProCreate.

Have a  blessed day!


The two images shown are new rubber stamp designs soon to be released at Paperbag Studios, LLC as part of a new line of Mixed Media Essentials for artists.



Digi IPad Art Journaling...

Hello!  For this digi IPad journal page I used ArtRage and Procreate with the Sensu Brush.  I also imported a photo (that is the background text you see in the middle of the image) and experimented with blending it with the final page.  The word image (I see) is also an image I imported. More to come!!

Have a  blessed day!



Digi Art Journaling...

I've been really enjoying playing around with digi journaling on the IPad.  I have been using Procreate and ArtRage and still am not sure which one I like best. Here are a few pages I have created lately.

Have a  blessed day!