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Tuesday, October 9, 2007 at 04:22 PM


Insane to Think...


Sometimes when I am unsure of what to write in my journal, I take a book and cut out words or phrases. I then arrange them on the page and see what "pops" out. Here is the text that emerged from the lot, which I ended up adding to this journal page:

Before she caught her first breath with a gasp

And laughed. 

Then she climbed slowly to her feet,

And walked off talking to herself

and that was all.

Daily Journal Prompt: Which is more important intelligence or common sense?

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Becoming an Outdoors Woman...

Group_2 Aside from the really scary cabins this past weekend, my friend Lisa and I had a great time at the 45th Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop. We drove to Quincy, FL which is west of Tallahassee on Thursday evening in order to be at the camp early the next morning. As we drove in it was like Camp Crystal Lake all over again and would you believe that Jason was one of our cooks?! After inspecting one of the sleeping cabins, we ran out "screaming" for the stink and the roaches! It was really quite funny! I know we were there to become outdoors women, but we drew the line at sleeping like one! We found a better cabin and that isn't saying much. It was a spooky night and we laughed about how it was like Friday the 13th and ended up not getting much sleep. The next morning we discovered that there was a small cemetery across from the cabin!  How weird is that!?  Needless to say, after the second night we made a quick get-away to a nearby lodge! Then we became outdoor women with benefits!

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop was so much more than we expected! The program is nationwide and each workshop offers a variety of courses. Visit here for the international schedules.

The whole workshop was very organized and the value far exceeded what we paid! The instructors were very encouraging and patient. We learned so much and it was quite a confidence builder!

Lisa and I took Introduction to Handgun Shooting and Hunting, Archery and Bow Hunting, Introduction to Shooting Sports and Introduction to Shotgun Shooting and Hunting. My favorite was clay bird shooting with the shotgun. Archery was a lot of fun also and we even got to climb part of a tree with a self-climbing tree stand. Although I have no intention of doing any hunting, I do hope to try some sport shooting if I can fit it into my schedule! Next time, I would like to try some other classes like The Primitive Chef, Basic Personal Safety Skills and maybe even Basic Wilderness Survival Skills.

Have a blessed day!


Daily Journal Prompt: Would you choose to be the worst player on a winning team or the best player on a losing team?



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Updownweb "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."

~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Journal Page Elements: stencils, spray paint, rubber stamps, black pen, acrylic paint, white pen, glaze and black dye ink pad.


I am so excited for artist Bridgette Guerzon Mills. She has been preparing for a solo art show that will be opening on Friday, October 5 at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, Florida. The show will hang for the month of October (1st through the 28th).

The show is called Expecting: explorations in mixed media.  If you are in the area, be sure to check it out!  Her work is very inspiring!


Daily Journal Prompt:  What fear would you like to overcome?

Have a blessed day!

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Begin the Revolution...

It has arrived!!! Be sure to visit HERE for all things Revolution! Linda and Karen have done it again with their newest book, urging us all with humor, encouragement and direction to create our own awesome journals!  This newest installment is edgy and full of step-by-step directions sure to inspire us all!!

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Make Others Happy...


It occurred to me today, with more impact than on other days, that life is good. I know this intellectually, but on some days I am reminded maybe a little more that this is truth by really feeling it in my heart.

What brought this about? I'm not sure exactly, but maybe it was the conversation I had with a good friend, someone who I care deeply for who encourages me and makes me feel good about myself.  Maybe it was the kind gesture I witnessed between a young person and the elderly lady who needed help reaching the highest shelf in the grocery store.  Maybe it was the card I received, offering me kind words for being who I am.  Maybe it was just the thoughtfulness of someone who just said, "thanks and I really appreciate you!"

Maybe it was just that I saw the beauty in giving of oneself, ever so small, to make another person happy.

Mark Twain said, "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can read."

Find a way this week to do something kind for someone else. Send a card, make a call, help someone in need, or just buy coffee for the person in line behind you!  Find a way to reach out and let me know about it!  I will do the same and post any of my experiences.

Have a blessed day!

Journal Page Elements:
Old photo, gesso, stencils, rubber stamps, white gel pen, wallpaper, Rub-on letter, acrylic paint, staples, old book paper and a black pen.

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Meme in the Middle...

Content I have been tagged by, Diane  for a meme. This one uses the letters of your middle name.
Here are the rules:
You have to post these rules before you give the facts. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blogpost containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.
I do not have a middle name so, as the rules state, I will choose one that I would have liked to have been grandmother's name--Grace.

I have decided to share with you some childhood things...

G is for Glasses. Really big and ugly glasses that I wore from the age of 7 to 16 because I am very nearsighted!

R is for Ralph. He was my first stuffed animal made by hand. Yes, I actually made my own stuffed animals when I was younger. He was a three foot tall white mouse.

A is for ABBA. Do you remember that 1970's group? I had a crush on a boy named Bart. He came to my 16th birthday party and brought me a few 45 records, one of which was Afternoon Delight by ABBA. Not exactly an appropriate song for a girl of 16. I remember him backing up and falling down as my dog lunged at him!  I also remember wearing bright blue satin pants at that party!  UGH!  *Please note that it was
brought to my attention by "pipw" that Afternoon Delight was actually a song by Starland Vocal Band. So, A is for Starland Vocal Band!  Thanks, pipw! At least I got Bart's name correct in my memory!

C is for Charlie Brown. How can I forget this blast from the past! My close friends called me Charlie Brown because physically, my head is larger than average size. Needless to say, I did not find this the least bit amusing!

E is for Eiffel Tower. The one I sketched in seventh grade with charcoal, which won me a blue ribbon in the county fair.

Thanks for asking me, Diane! I enjoyed the walk down memory lane!
I will tag the following bloggers:


Have a blessed day!

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To Start a Thing...

Frank I've been avoiding my studio lately. There are times when I can't wait to step inside and feel the welcome of all the artsy things I love.  To touch and smell the goodness of the supplies that I enjoy working with and to gear up the sappy romantic comedy on my lap top so I can begin creating. I'm ready and the creative muse is in high gear. Well, so it is on "those" days...

...I will start a thing, I will not wait for inspiration, I will move toward action!

Have a blessed day!

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Happy Gam Road Collage

As Seen in Cloth Paper Scissors
November-December 2007

A few weeks ago I woke up thinking “creative” thoughts.  I love when this happens!  The creative thoughts I woke with on that particular morning involved finally using all those window and door photos I took in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA two summers ago.  My collection is extensive and I had not yet thought of a creative thing to do with them. 

I also woke that morning with the words “Happy Gam Road” in my mind.  I have no idea where that came from or what it means.  I guess you could call it serendipity!  I have decided to call my series of collage on paper pieces The Happy Gam Road Collection.  Each piece features a window or a door from my photo collection and a quote or word reminiscent of “home”.   By getting out of my comfort zone creatively, the result is a series of collage pieces that are colorful and quirky.  In addition, I was inspired to use all those  “under papers” I have been saving.   I use deli paper on my work table and I pour paints onto them, wipe brushes on them, etc.  I have been saving all of these papers to use one day in collage or other projects.  I used these papers for the backgrounds. 

The Happy Gam Road Collection features eleven whimsical pieces.  I view each one as a “residence” of sorts.  Each with its own unique style and a family who calls it home!


Photos or copies of photos
Old book papers, maps and ledger papers
Scrapbook papers
Assorted acrylic paints
Paint brushes
Deli paper
Black pen
Quotes or words printed onto transparency film
PVA Glue
Bristol 400 Series paper cut to size of desired collage
Rubber stamps


1. Prepare the deli paper by using several pieces as "under papers" while you work on other projects with acrylic paints.  This give the papers a "random" look with a variety of colors and shapes, etc.


2. Using PVA glue, adhere torn pieces of old book papers, ledger pages or maps to one side of the Bristol paper.  Let dry.

3. Select the photo you intend to use.  Based on this, select a piece of deli paper that coordinates with it.  Adhere the deli paper to the collage with PVA and let dry.  Trim edges if necessary.

Hgr3Hgr4 4. While the paper is drying, select random papers that will coordinate with the photo and deli paper.  Measure and cut from this paper a “roof” for the door or window photo.

5. Adhere the photo and the roof to the collage with PVA.

6. Next, add doodles with a black or colored pen, torn pieces of small paper, rubber stamped images, and stencils to the collage.

7. Last, adhere quote or words which have been printed onto transparency film to the collage with PVA or run through a Xyron to add adhesive.



1. Scan and print note cards from your collage.

2. Frame original or a print and give as a gift.

3. Scan, print and tear pieces of the collage to use in other work such as journal pages.

4.  Use a photo of your own home’s front door or windows or better yet, maybe a friend’s home.  What a great gift idea!

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Daily Journal Prompts...

•Would you rather lose 1/3 of each of your senses or lose one sense entirely?

•Which is more important intelligence or common sense?

•Would you choose to be the worst player on a winning team or the best player on a losing team?

What fear would you like to overcome?

•Would you rather live for a week in the past or the future?

•What one special talent would you like to have?

•What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?

•What's the best birthday party you can imagine?

•When was is most difficult to persevere when you most wanted to quit?

•What difficult experience in your life has made you a stronger person?

•What three things would you like to change in the world?

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New Site, New Stamps, New Ideas...

House I am excited to announce that Paperbag Studios has just released new rubber art stamps!  We have also redesigned our web site, making it more user friendly and easier to find things! 

The Gallery has new samples, showcasing the new stamp images with designs by Audrey Hernandez, Celine Navarro, Erika Tysse, Jo Capper-Sandon and Lori Lundy.

In addition, visit the Paperbag Studios Flickr Group  to share  your own artwork!

Have a blessed day!


Daily Journal Prompt: 

"What three things would you like to change in the world?"

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Take a Chance...

"Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose"

~Tom Krause

Have a blessed day!

Take a Chance Journal Page Elements: acrylics, rubber stamps, stencils, black pen and old photograph and papers.

Daily Journal Prompt: What difficult experience in your life has made you a stronger person?

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A New Thing Called Layaway...

Sunday afternoon we had lunch with some friends and their teenage son was sitting next to me. I told him how much I liked the new shirt he was wearing.  In fact, it was one of those gender-neutral shirts that I might have pulled off the rack and taken to the fitting room myself. He was very excited as he told me about this program that they have where you can put some money down to hold your items.  You pay on them and once you have paid the full amount you can take the items home. I tilted my head a little and said, "You mean layaway?"  He said, "Yeah, layaway!"  Oh, my! I really am getting old!


Daily Journal Prompt:

"When was is most difficult to persevere when you most wanted to quit?"

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A Precarious Balance...

Balance Daily Journal Prompt:

I've been thinking about this quote I read recently and thought it would make a great jumping off point for a journal entry:

"You can never really know someone completely. That's why it's the most terrifying thing in the world, really--taking someone on faith, hoping they'll take you on faith too. It's such a precarious balance, it's a wonder we do it at all."

~A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

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When We are Motivated...

Whenwearemotivatedweb"When you face your fear, most of the time you will discover that it was not really such a big threat after all.  We all need some form of deeply rooted, powerful motivation/it empowers us to overcome obstacles so we can live our dreams."

~Les Brown

Have a blessed day!

Journal Page Elements: acrylics, rubber stamps, stencils, black pen, old paper and collage element from Papaya.

Daily Journal Prompt: What's the best birthday party you can imagine?

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