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Roben-Marie Smith

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December Daily Peek {4-6}...


December Daily Peek {1-3}...


The Documented Life Project...

One part planner plus one part art journal and one part weekly challenge equals an amazing year of organization, inspiration and community. Join us for the Documented Life Project.

We start with a Moleskine Weekly Planner.

•If you want to buy the "as it comes" Moleskine Planner online, get one HERE!
•If you want to take a mini-class on how to alter your Moleskine planner including gorgeous downloads, details coming soon via Lorraine Bell's blog HERE!
•If you have your own calendar or planner you want to use, that's great too.

Now the journey begins!

Starting January 1, 2014, we* will issue a weekly challenge on ways to use and decorate your planner to make it uniquely yours.  Interpret the challenge in any way you desire or be inspired by our artists.  Yes, this is free and open to everyone - artists, scrapbookers, calendar keepers, organization lovers, art journalers- yes, YOU! You can find the first challenge on any of the blogs listed below or on the Facebook page listed.

If you would like your planner to look just like ours, we are offering a mini-class taught by artist Lorraine Bell with step-by-step video instructions, filmed behind the camera by Roben-Marie, featuring hand painted gorgeous downloads to make your book an inspiring place for you to look forward to spending some time each week (click HERE to see a sample of Lorraine's gorgeous planner). Watch for details coming for this class soon OR if you prefer, you can make the planner in your own style.

You can find us here:

Instagram: #documentedlife  

*Our Blogs

Roben-Marie Smith
Lorraine Bell
Rae Missigman
Sandi Keene   
And our Life Photographer: Barbara Moore

Post your challenge response to your favorite social media and upload it to our Flickr Group and Facebook Group to share in the community of Life Documentors!

We would be thrilled to have you create and play along with us in The Documented Life Project.  

Who knows what can happen?!



On a girl's trip to Grand Cayman back in September, I spotted my friend Lorraine's Moleskine Planner.  I didn't want to just pick it up and start looking at it but it was sitting on her table and I kept walking by it trying to figure out what it was.  Finally, I couldn't take it any longer and had to ask her if I could look at it.  I knew immediately that I wanted to make one of my own.  We piled into the car and ventured out to the local book store in the hopes that they would have them in stock.  We were all giddy with excitement when we were rewarded with just enough Moleskine Planners.  We had so much fun creating these lovely planners and adding to them is going to be such a joy in 2014!

Have a  blessed day!




Friday Fill-Ins...

And here we go...

1. Sleigh bells ring and it makes me think of snowy weather, which we never see in Florida.

2. It's coming on Christmas, they're cutting down trees and the one I bought is named Sappy Firwood!

3. You're a mean one and should make an effort to do at least one nice thing each day.

4. Father Christmas is who again?

5. Silent night is so calming, especially when there is a full moon.

6. All I want for Christmas is a food chopper/slicer!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to wrapping gifts and quiet time, tomorrow my plans include attending our church Christmas party and Sunday, I want to catch up on my December Daily project!



Art Board Ornament Tutorial...

 This year I wanted to create some little ornaments with my own artwork.  I had some art boards and thought they would be perfect.  Join me for a little tutorial so you can make your own.

If you would like one of mine, I have a few in my Etsy Shop HERE!


 •Color photocopies of artwork or other images (I printed mine with a laser printer onto Premium Laser Paper by HP and sized the images at about 4.5" x 4.5" so they would be a little larger than the panel).
•Adhesive (I used Collage Pauge)
•4" x 4" art boards (I used Ampersand brand with a 3/8" profile).
•Screw eyes - #216 size
Center punch - small tip
X-Acto blade
•Pliers - optional
•Sealer - optional
•Paint brush - optional

1. Brush adhesive onto art board with brush or fingers. 

2. Place color image onto board and smooth out air bubbles by running a brayer gently across the board.  Set aside to dry.

3. Using a sharp blade, turn the board over and trim off the extra paper.

4. Using a pencil, mark a small spot at 2" and gently tap the center punch to create a little hole.  Be careful when tapping so you don't crack the board.

5. Place the screw eye into the hole and gently turn it until it is flush with the wood. If you have trouble turning the screw eye, use a small pair of pliers to help turn it.

6. Insert a matching ribbon and tie into a loop.


December Daily Peek...

I know I am late to the party but decided I could not stand being left out any longer!  I worked on my first December Daily book over the weekend and have the foundation ready.  I have nine days to catch-up but I can do it!!  Here is a peek of my cover and I promise to show more soon!!

Have a  blessed day!



Art Pops™ Meet Project Life Tutorial 6...



Grab your Art Pops™ HERE!



Supplies: Art Pops™ Lo's Serendipity Cards, No. 2 pencil, Jenni Bowlin Flag Banner Stickers, Signo Uniball UM-153 White Pen, black dye ink pad, Journal Impressions rubber stamps, UHU Glue Stick and washi tape.

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Friday Fill-Ins... we go!

1. As I neared the window I saw the American Woodcock at the water's edge.

2. Uppercase Magazine is what I'm reading right now. It's filled with lots of inspiration!

3. The fact that I wore footed pajamas as a child must be why I don't particularly like wearing socks.

4. To tell the truth, I love watching Hallmark Christmas movies this time of year.

5. It hit me this week that I needed to purge my closet and let some things go.

6. I am a hoarder of bracelets, stationery, bags and magazines!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to venturing up into the attic for the Christmas decorations, tomorrow my plans include trimming the tree and decorating the house and Sunday, I want to enjoy a little rest and relaxation!



The Mixed Media Inspiration Deck Blog Hop...

The Mixed Media Inspiration Deck is the latest creative tool available from Giving Hands Creative Studio!  Kiala Givehand has designed this clever deck filled with 52 inspirational guide cards to give you the jump start you need when the "fear" of the blank page takes over. Don't have any fears? No worries, this deck is the perfect art party tool to use with your friends.  Grab your journals, paints, pens and a timer and begin the challenge of following the prompts.

I decided to use the prompts to guide me in creating a collaged painting on an artist board.  I thought it would be fun to use only the cards to prompt me for each step in the process.  It was challenging and fun and I was really happy with the results.

Be sure to visit all the artists in the blog hop. There will be lots of juicy giveaways throughout the week.  See all the details HERE!

Grab your deck HERE!

Would you like an opportunity to win one of these fabulous decks?  Leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address and tell me how you would use the deck.  Deadline is Monday, December 9 at 8:00PM EST.

Have a  blessed day!


Blog Hop Schedule and Links

Kiala Givehand: 12/2
Sarah Stevenson: 12/4
Carolyn Dube: 12/5
Mystele Kirkeeng: 12/6
Stephanie Ackerman: 12/7
Lorrie Jonas: 12/8
Maria McGuire: 12/9
Kiala Givehand: 12/10


Art Pops™ Meet Project Life Tutorial 5...



Grab your Art Pops™ HERE!



Supplies: Art Pops™ Wait For Me Cards, Arrow from Art Bits #2 Digital Kit, No. 2 pencil, Stabilo Marks All Pencil, washi tape and UHU Glue Stick.

Post may contain affiliate links.


Friday Fill-Ins... we go!

1. Why does this time change make me so tired at night!?

2. I don't want to be afraid to travel and see the world.

3. Thank you for following my blog, supporting my art and for all the encouraging e-mails and comments you send my way.

4. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I have such fond memories of my dad and his awesome cooking and how fun it was to send him to the store* to get stuff we needed

5. I am SO thankful for a husband who takes such good care of me, serves God and loves me unconditionally.

6. If we want to be healthy, we have to make up our minds to be.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing with family, tomorrow my plans include shopping with my mom and Sunday, I want to start working on my Christmas cards!


*He always volunteered to go to the store for us and then would disappear.  We would laugh because we knew he was sneaking off to have coffee and pancakes with his friends.




Art Pops™ Meet Project Life Tutorial 4...



Grab your Art Pops™ HERE!


Supplies: Art Pops™ Lo's Serendipity Cards, No. 2 pencil, rub-on and sticker letters & numbers, UHU Glue Stick and washi tape.

Post may contain affiliate links.


Art Pops™ Gift Wrap Tutorial...

Supplies: Art Pops™ Huckleberry Holiday Collection Cards, No. 2 pencil, twine, old book paper, hole punch, two brown lunch bags, sewing machine, UHU Glue Stick and BIC Wite-Out Pen.

Post may contain affiliate links.


Friday Fill-Ins... we go!

1. Three things I like about Thanksgiving: spending time with family, fond memories of my dad and just relaxing.

2. After dinner, I can guarantee my hubby will be sacked out on the couch.

3. This has been a very busy and exciting month for me.

4. I am still undecided about whether or not to decorate the house with a live tree or my small table top artifical tree.

5. Oh, man, thankfully I still have plenty of time to write and mail Christmas cards.

6. One day I will perfect the art of creative video editing.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to trying out a new restaurant with my friend Claire, tomorrow my plans include planning my Christmas shopping and Sunday, I want to watch a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie!


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