The Millennia Postcards - Final

A few months ago I was asked to participate in a Millenium Postcard Swap by Tammy Garcia.  She found this wonderful idea facilitated by Tofu and after blessings were gained, she gathered several other artists and we were off on our postcard adventure. These little darlings have been touched in Texas, Sweden, New Zealand, Massachusetts, California and Florida. The final stop was with me and now they are on their way home!

Have a  blessed day!


IHanna - Pink: my contribution is the square in the top right corner.  I added a scrap from an old receipt and used acrylic paint to make a little pink circle. I added oil pastels, washi tape, a piece of doily and a little doodle with a black pen.

Natasha - Ocean: my contribution is the bottom strip. I glued down a painted piece of paper, doodled with a black pen, white pen and added white dots with acrylic paint.

Tammy - Happiness: my contribution is the bottom strip. I glued on pieces of painted text and deli papers. I added the words and doodles around them with a black pen.

Karen - Orange: my contribution is the bottom right piece of the pie.  I glued a piece of painted text paper to the base and then added small painted pieces of deli paper.

Michelle - Wonderland: my contribution is the square in the top right corner. I glued down a piece of painted paper as the base.  I stamped a doodle border and colored in with oil pastels.  I added the words and a flower rub-on to finish it off.

Me - Circles and Doodles: my contribution is the square in the top left corner. I added text paper and painted and doodled with acrylic paint and a black pen.

Tofu - Trees and Leaves: my contribution is the last strip on the right. I first glued down some painted paper and then added a vine rub-on. I cut out and glued little paper leaves to complete the vine.

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